Scalp Treatment

Zinc Pyrithione

Zinc Pyrithione (ZPT) is the most commonly used and highly effective, broad spectrum antimicrobial anti-dandruff active ingredient used in shampoos, conditioners and other hair treatment product formulations. It’s  approved for OTC topical use in the United States. Zinc Pyrithione (ZPT) 50% is an easy to formulate with aqueous dispersion of ZPT. This grade of ZPT 50% has optimal color and very fine particle size.

AppearanceWhite powderWhite latex
Assay, %≥ 98.0%48.0%—50.0%
Melting Point≥ 240℃N/A
pH Value6.0 to 9.06.5 to 9.0
Particle size D50 (μm)≤ 5N/A
Particle size D90 (μm)≤ 10≤ 0.5
Particle size D100 (μm)N/A≤ 1.5
Loss on drying≤ 0.5%N/A
Heavy Metal_As Pb__ppm≤ 20≤ 20

Piroctone Olamin

Piroctone Olamine is a safe and highly efficacious, broad spectrum microbiocide & microbiostatic agent targeting and eradicating Pityosporumn Ovale, the lipophilic yeast associated with dandruff.  Piroctone Olamine prevents the growth of new bacteria and helps to keep the scalp both clean and itch-free.  Piroctone Olamine has a both low toxicity and irritation profiles, pH and thermal stability and works well in high level surfactant systems and is compatible with other ingredients.  Piroctone Olamine is the go to active ingredient for shampoos, conditioners, and many scalp treatment products.  It is an approved OTC ingredient for both rinse-off and leave-in hair care and skincare formulations.

PropertyPiroctone Olamin
AppearanceWhite or slightly yellow crystalline powder
SolubilityWater(0.10g+10mL): not soluble
SolubilityMethanol(1.00+10mL): soluble
Purity (HPLC)≥ 99.0%
pH Value (1% in water, 20°C)8.5 – 10.0
Melting point133°C – 136°C
Drying loss≤ 0.3%
Ash (SO4)≤ 0.2%
Particle size distribution (D50) 30 – 50 μm
E1% (1 cm) at 317 nm214 – 236
Nitrosamine content (PPb)≤ 50
Heavy metals (Pb,As,Cd,Co,Cr,Hg,Ni,Sb)≤ 10 PPM
Hexane (GC)≤ 300 PPM
Heptane(GC)≤ 500 PPM
Ethyl acetate(GC)≤ 500 PPM
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